Our history

It was 1991 when we decided to set up an enterprise that would adapt to our creative needs and that would allow us to cultivate our passions in total freedom of expression.

Thus, was born Arghentia, in the heart of artisan Tuscany.

The 1980s had just ended and they had carried along with them an incredibly imaginative and creative drive, from movies to music everything screamed innovation and future.

This "scream" has accompanied us from the beginning of our adventure in the world of electrochemistry, which was applied to Fashion and Design, characterizing our work in the name of innovation at the service of the luxury market segment.

Over the years, we have increasingly specialized in the design and production of tailor-made accessories for leather goods and high fashion items.

Our strong point is the electroforming process, which gives lightness and volume to each object, allowing the creation of any type of shape.

We internally manage every stage of processing, from the design of the model to the presentation of the finished product. We offer a wide range of materials and surface finishes.

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to develop collections starting from the designer’s ideas, also and mainly thanks to our continuous commitment to research and our choice of materials.

We are extremely proud of the results we can achieve by combining the craftsmanship-know-how. The only one to create tailor-made solutions, with the creativity and innovative drive required by a market that is constantly evolving.

We combine shape, volume, and lightness in our unique designs. With passion, always.


I can say that my greatest passion besides my job is travelling. I love to travel alone, discovering new cultures, traditions, foods and territories. I then like to celebrate all this through another great passion of mine, which has accompanied me since childhood: photography.

At my core, I am constantly looking for new inspiration. The inspiration that I then transfer to my work, through research and innovation in the processing of techniques and the development of methods.

I work alongside my sister focusing on the present but also with eyes on the future. This is to provide the designers (with whom we collaborate) with solutions that meet their increasingly intuitive and avant-garde needs.

Our work is the fusion between the experience of the artisan tradition and the constant technological innovation driven by our curiosity.


The passion for what I do has always driven my work, pushing me to create increasingly unique and refined jewels.

From the careful design of every detail to the innovative finishes, there is a continuous motivation that feeds my curiosity and finds an outlet in research and study.

I think all this is reflected in the work I do, offering the best to the brands we collaborate with daily. This is because every detail must be on-brand with that which distinguishes them. To do this, knowing how to interpret not only the taste but also the feeling that lies behind every Design is essential.

I am an esthete; I love beauty in all its forms and expressions. Design fascinates me regardless of whether it is fashion, furniture or interior design. I also draw great inspiration from nature and travel. Each experience allows me to explore shapes, colours and trends which I then pour into my work.