Our North Star

Make any object beautiful

We chose the North Star as the symbol to represent our brand and it is the synthesis of our vision combined with our mission:

Just as the North Star is the muse of sailors, the beacon of earthly routes, for us it is our passion that is our guide, our absolute reference.

Our passion allows us to transform every object we produce into something beautiful, and our works are the result of a balanced mix between craftsmanship and technology, experience and innovation, creativity and attention to detail.

Experience + Curiosity = Innovation

We are always up to date with change, we are curious and keep our eye on innovation.

We combine experience and artisan tradition with an extreme dose of curiosity.

Attention and customer care

Respecting every job’s uniqueness we go beyond the normal customer-supplier relationship. We establish a partnership based on trust and respect with our customers.

We transform the idea into creation for renowned brands as well as for emerging designers, creatives, and artists.


The knowledge gained over 30 years of artisan and industrial activity is at the service of our customers. We follow each project with care and attention to detail, from the idea to the finished product.

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